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Helping Ray Foundation is the Micro Finance Institution (section 8) located at the state of Jharkhand and has started from 2020. The company is headquartered in Jharkhand.

Helping Ray Foundation with a focus on providing microfinance services to the urban and rural poor as well as micro and small businesses in the underground geography of northern and eastern India, starting from Jharkhand and Jamshedpur. Geographical areas served with the help of the Ray Foundation are among the poorest people in India and grossly outlined by formal financial institutions.

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The products cover the needs of those who require immediate cash, products for which the loan is included

  • Women to increase their income
  • Loans for home entrepreneurs
  • Emergency medical loan
  • Home improvement loan
  • Home Extension / Business Improvement Loan

It has been observed that now loans which are of high amount have been given to groups which depend on microfinance companies. Even devices such as mobile phones that are essential to their business have been purchased using loans from microfinance companies.

Move towards a greater degree of sophistication and maturity - guided by your objective - to achieve the best standards globally and become a world-class financial services enterprise.

Working with perseverance, dedication and innovation to achieve excellence in service, quality, reliability, safety and customer care as the ultimate goal. To earn the trust and confidence of all stakeholders, to exceed their expectations and to make the company a respected household name.

To promote a work culture that promotes personal growth, team spirit and creativity to overcome challenges and achieve goals. To encourage ideas, talent and value systems. To maintain the guiding principles of trust, integrity and transparency in all aspects of interaction and behavior.

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